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Here some points you might need to know about this blog.

1. This blog is about owner's opinion as beauty enthusiast and personal (Family and Lifestyle). 
The portions is 70% beauty and 30% personal.

2. All material on this blog are written and edited by me, Febriany Nursyaban as owner. If you want to use my material on this blog to your blog or any media platform, please ask permission beforehand to me, do not modify it, and always clearly put active link back to my blog www.febifebriany.com in all media that you use my material on.

3. All the writings on this blog are my personal views. 
If I am writing an opinion about a product, company, service, etc, I do not claim to be a medical or licensed professional. 
The information I provide is purely my own opinion based on my personal experience using that product and I have to test and research to make it, but they should not be taken as a substitute for the advice of a medical professional. 
So, I am not responsible of any side effect that caused by the products. 

4. This blog use ads from adsense and open for collaboration with any brand or companies. However, I have several conditions which hopefully meet your requirement before we do collaborate.

  • I open for Product review, Advertorial, and Event Report. But there’s a possibility we could do more than that. Make sure to contact me first for anything you want me to discuss about.
  • I accept press samples or products for the purpose of testing and honest review. But I am under no obligation to review any products that is gifted to me. 
  • Based on the portions, this blog is opened to do partnership mostly about beauty related content. There’s a possibility for lifestyle and family related content but the portions will not as much as beauty content. 
  • Please make sure your products really suit my skin or not. Please read about me first or just ask before sending any product :)
  • All reviews, thoughts, opinions, and recommendations made by me will not be influenced by the products offered for review.  I do not guarantee for fancy review or anything to make your products look good while the fact they didn’t. 
  • Any posts containing content or products not purchased by me will be clearly and fully disclosed. Although I don't add "sponsored" on label or title, I am going to write kind-of-brand send me the product or something in the article. If your products seem to be something that we’re not expecting to be or they failed me, then I couldn’t write anything about your product and all the costs on you.
  • I need amount of time to test a product before writing a full review as below:
         Cleansers and toners: 2 weeks
         Treatment products (included exfoliants, and serums): 4 weeks
         Moisturizers (included emulsions, lotions, and creams): 2 weeks
         Mask: 1-2 times
         Makeup: 1 week

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