About Me

Hi, my name is Febriany Nursyaban but please call me Febi. I was born in small city named Sumedang on February 19th. Now live in Depok.

I was graduated from Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia Majoring Japanese Education. So, I speak Indonesian, broken English and bad Japanese. A happy wife with two children, Harumi and Hamiz.

Have loved writing in a diary since was in elementary school and started blogging on Multiply and Friendster's blog in Senior High School. Since those two platforms were closed, I forgot to write on blog and focused to develop myself and interact “in real life”. When I was still working for Japanese startup media, I’ve decided to start blogging (again) called febifebriany.com

As beauty enthusiasts, I love skincare, and of course love asian skincare and 'hanbang' things. I’m always on the hunt for the next awesome Asian skincare product. Kindly check this to know more about my blog.

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Warm Regards,



  1. assalamu'alaykum...
    haiii...salam kenal makk..
    serba serbi nikah mudanya inspiratif syekalee,hehhee...

    1. waalaikumusalam
      salam kenal juga ya mba
      alhamdulillah kalo bermanfaat :)


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